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I cannot actually believe what I just read. I am almost in tears right now. And this was said as if it’s innocent. There is no problem with what this person just said to the majority and I can’t even handle that. My heart feels heavy and odd, I literally feel my stomach filling with acid and making me want to barf. I hope people reevaluate their words and actions. I am sickened and sad. How can one not realize what is wrong with this sentence?

I was kinda hoping there was an autocorrect issue… But there wasn’t. I’m very saddened by this. Extremely.

I am so confused right now. 

I don’t really see what’s wrong e.e I’m a vegan, but if that’s part of their culture/religion (which I’m assuming since the slaughtering is taking place at a mosque) then let them be.

Uhm. You are not ”vegan” if you don’t see something wrong with this. Murder is not okay no matter what culture or religion you are. How about everyone leaves everyone alone including the animals that roam the earth? 

"Murder" or not, the Islamic method of slaughter is probably the most compassionate way you could possibly slaughter an animal lmfao

Basically the animal is brought to the place of slaughter and laid down gently to avoid injury, and the knife is kept hidden until the very last minute to avoid distress. The knife is then quickly and deeply slashed across the front of the throat, the carotid artery, the windpipe and the jugular veins; if done correctly, this results in such a rapid loss of blood that the animal is pretty much dead before it even realises what happened, far less feels any pain. The animal is also to be treated with kindness before slaughter, which is more than what can be said for many Western animals. 

Then the meat is consumed, and/or given to the poor - ideally, nothing goes to waste. 

So how about instead of targeting a religion which teaches kindness and compassion towards animals, you get off your ass and do something about the Western meat industry where animals are often treated with unspeakable cruelty right up to their deaths? 

(Never mind that Muslims are treated like crap as it is and you’re contributing to that but animals matter more than a group of actual human beings I guess) 

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